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Our VISIon

Our Vision at Verge Church is to see a local church family understand their role in their own lives and how that understanding will mix with the call of God to reach into their families and their communities. The family of God has always been in the heart of God. We believe that passionate worship and living in the life of Holy Spirit creates the “normal” supernatural life in each believer that Jesus desired all to walk in. (Mark 16:15-20)


In the Summer of 2014, Pastors Rich and Janet and their family moved to Tucson to begin seeking The Lord about the planting of a New Testament, Spirit filled church.  Back in 2005 the Lord gave Rich a vision, while visiting Tucson. This vision was about planting a church in Tucson. In October of 2014 Verge Church began with a service dedicated for the baptism of a local man. During that first gathering, Holy Spirit supernaturally came into the service with salvations and re-dedications for several people who were attending. This initial gathering was the spring-board to the beginning of a move of God that is currently underway today. We desire to take this move of God into our neighborhoods and the city to see others know the Lord in a real supernatural way that will change peoples lives forever.


Verge Church wants to see Tucson come to the full knowledge of Jesus.

We believe that by each member reaching out to their families, neighborhoods and workplaces Tucson will see the power of transformed and supernatural lives filled with the love of Father God.

One church cannot reach an entire city. Verge Church will do it’s part in serving this city by searching for the “lost sons and daughters” of the family of God.


We are looking to see many churches in Arizona begin to walk and work together through the joining of The Lord and through interpersonal relationships. We are not here to sit inside the four walls of one building but to expand and reach as many neighborhoods and communities in which The Lord desires.


Worship is a fundamental focus of Verge Tucson. We believe that our ability to worship coincides with how we see The Lord. “What we worship we become.” (Pastor Rich)

Prayer is critical to understanding the heart and ways of God. The power of prayer is real and will live in those who follow and believe in Christ Jesus.

The Bible is the standard of truth. The modern culture is trying to forfeit the ability to stand on moral truths by saying, “there is no truth”. However, we must not fall into this farce but combat it by letting people touch He who is the truth (Jesus) and touch this truth through our lives.

We believe the scriptures hold the foundations and building plans for the New Testament Church as well as all the wisdom and truth needed to transform our lives. His truth endures forever. (Psalm 119:160 The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever.)

We value plurality of leadership and would call this value “team ministry”. We do not see, in the scriptures, one person being able to carry the load of leadership in a solitary role. Our philosophy of ministry identifies a senior leader who leads a team where it’s members are diverse in gifting and wisdom. (Proverbs 11:14)

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