2018 – The Year of Harvest

A harvest is when workers identify their given tasks for the gathering of the fruit of that season’s planted crops.

InĀ  a season of harvest workers go into the fields to reap the reward of the previous seasons plantings. In the natural we see this picture as workers go into a corn field and gather the corn from the stalks lining their fields.

I believe that for Verge the harvest season is two-fold. First: We are working to gather the fruit that has been planted in the past seasons of each believer’s lives. This harvest comes through the training and identification of calling and grace that is blooming and becoming evident within our body of believers. These would be likened to the 9 fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5) and the 5 grace gifts of Christ (Eph. 4). Second: We believe God will be drawing people to us so that we can serve them through the grace and gifting upon each member of the body of Christ at Verge.

The season of harvest is a time to work and identify. Each believer is called, gifted, and graced. Each gracing and gifting is only matured as it is set to use when we serve others.

Join us as we look to serve our neighborhoods and community with the gospel and power of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Rich