Verge Church Is Moving…

We are excited to announce that Verge has outgrown it’s current location at 8787 E. Broadway and is looking to move into a new facility sometime this November. The new facility is located at 1635 S. Research Loop Rd. Ste 301. This location will allow us to serve our children’s needs in a greater way. … Continue reading Verge Church Is Moving…

2018 – The Year of Harvest

A harvest is when workers identify their given tasks for the gathering of the fruit of that season’s planted crops. InĀ  a season of harvest workers go into the fields to reap the reward of the previous seasons plantings. In the natural we see this picture as workers go into a corn field and gather … Continue reading 2018 – The Year of Harvest

Relevance Is Not A Gospel Goal

We must take a true look at the church today. Is the Church prevailing in the fight against the pull to be relevant to this generation by giving up the power of the Culture of the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is immovable. The Church therefore must be immovable as it pertains to … Continue reading Relevance Is Not A Gospel Goal


Verge Church meets corporately on Sundays at 10am.

Please see our calendar for other Verge activities throughout each month.

We have constant Men's and Woman's meetings that are occurring throughout each month in different areas of the city. Please contact us for more information.

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